Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween...a little late...

Cass (Medusa), Sam, and Helen (Bindy Erwin)

Well, I decided to finally post about how our Halloween night went! We drove down to "the Valley" (Queen Creek) to stay the weekend with the Stewarts when Dave got off work on Halloween and we got there just in time as Tiff just started taking Cass and Helen trick-or-treating. So we jumped out of the car, put his costume on and headed out. He loved it of course and it only took him a second to get the hang of it.

He was so cute! And he endured for longer than I thought he would. We went to at least 3 very long streets (which, to my surprise, had quite a few trick-or-treaters on them!) before he started fussing even a little. He knew to hold my hand and let me hold his pumpkin bucket (because he would try taking out the candy or throwing it down). When we would go to people's doors he would know to take a piece of candy and then put it in his own bucket. He absolutely loved it and was just so cute about it! One person was even giving out little mini pumpkins, which he loved to grab and put in his bucket. Everyone we saw just thought he was the cutest dragon ever! This was definitely my favorite Halloween ever because of him!

The rest of that weekend was fun just hanging out with Brand and Tiff, who we haven't seen in forever. Dave, Brand, Tiff, James, Ben, Nick, Brent, and Doug all went paintballing Saturday morning...actually all day Saturday and they all had a lot of fun, especially Ben because it was his first time going. (Ben and Jame's are Dave's friends from work and also our Heroes buddies every Monday night). While they were out Saturday I went around to what seemed like every place in the Mesa area to run errands. We bought our first load of food storage from the church, which felt nice...until I sat down yesterday and calculated that to get a year supply, what we got didn't even really make a dent...that was a completely overwhelming moment....

Anyway, to any of you who might ever go to Mesa and buy food storage from the church, make sure you have your check book or exact cash! I learned that the hard way. I was there for about an hour and a half before I actually drove out of there with four boxes. I forgot my checkbook so I had to drive all the way up the street to some quicky mart place and take money out of the ATM (which Chase charged me 3.50 for!!) and go back only to find out it had to be exact change (thanks for telling me that the first time lady! The ATM only gives out $20 bills, everyone knows that!), so I had to drive all the way back to the mart and buy a bag of chips in order to get the exact amount I needed. This was a task being pregnant and having Sam because there was no where to park close to the entrance so each time I had to get in and out of the car and walk all the way around the building, either slowly tugging him along or holding him, which I feel can barely do anymore. Anyway, I finally got out of there and next time I definitely wont forget my check book!

Anyway, Saturday night we just took it easy and hung out, watched some funny stuff and then Sunday went to our regional conference, which was broadcast from Salt Lake. President Packer spoke and it was really good, except it was hard to really pay attention because we were on the hard chairs and it's very difficult to keep Sam steady with those, so most of the time I was in the foyer.

Anyway, that was our Halloween weekend!

He doesn't look very happy but he was!

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bek said...

logan is sitting here with me and i browsed past your pix and he points and says "that's sam!!!" i'm so glad he knows his friends!