Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Cards

Does anyone have any suggestions of anywhere extremely cheep to get Christmas cards made (with a photo)? I used last year and that was really cheep, but I want to search around and see if there is anywhere even cheeper! Please give me suggestions. Thanks!


The Smaellies said...

sams club is cheaper. They are 10.57 for 30 cards (either the 4X7 or 5x8 cards). Both come with envelopes

Grandpa said...

Hi Sammy,
Create your own card in Publisher or Paint Shop Pro, insert your family photo, and then have them printed at 10 cents each.

Grandpa Meyers

bek said...

costco or sams i guess!

The Monk Family said...

What I'm doing this year is making a design on (it's so much fun!) and then I'm going to print them at Sam's. You can do lots of cute things on scrapblog...sometimes walgreens has specials on photos when print so may be worth checking out!