Sunday, June 26, 2011


Thanks, for the idea, Allison! Check out what she's grateful for at Mama Wants This

I figured I needed a little gratitude on this blog. Especially since my last post generated comments like, "Someone's having a bad day..." and "Are you serious?" My mom even asked me if I really drank margaritas. I laughed. No, I don't really drink margaritas, or read romance novels.

I just write them.

(Again, a joke. Kind of.)

So, besides the givens, like my family, here's what I am especially grateful for this week. It's the little victories, right?

  • Matt Nathanson's song, Little Victories. Pun intended.
  • Josh saying more words and making communication that much easier. He's even started putting two words together!
  • Reassuring comments from his speech therapist on just how great he's going. Plus, she says we are her favorite.
  • New recipes.
  • Air conditioning.
  • The news that we will be going to Idaho next week, therefore getting me out of Bagdad.
  • Ashley sending William home. Seriously, grow up, little boy. (Bachelorette is my guilty pleasure. No matter how irritating Ashley is.)
  • The accumulated seven hours of sleep I had last night--almost double what I usually get.
  • The sprinkler, because it gets Sam outside for hours each day. And I loooove the break love that he can get time in the sunshine.
  • That Josh is even thicker in the chest than he was last week. It makes snuggling and hugging him SO much fun! He's my little football player.
  • My Mag07 came in the mail. Maybe I will actually get to enjoy eating again!
  • One of my manuscripts was returned by mail, meticulously edited by a friend.
  • Chubby, rolly baby thighs.
  • Master Chef, because it has inspired my husband to want to learn to cook something really well. And that means I might get a night off cooking.
  • Oreos.
  • Finding cute matching shirts for all three boys at Target...ON SALE!
  • That the bug man sprayed our attic. One more obstacle for scorpions.
  • Luke's screechy velociraptor laugh.
  • A husband who is understanding when he gets home from work and it looks like nothing has gotten done.
  • The mom and writing blog communities, and all the wonderful posts I get to read every day, from wonderful, funny, talented people that make me feel not so alone!
  • Baby feet.


Jen said...

Great gratitude post!! Oreos...yes please! Love watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette...Ashley isn't my favorite either. And amen to all the mama bloggers...they keep me sane!

~Becky~ said...

Amazing post!'s okay to complain. :) Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If you can't complain, you can't have gratitude.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." -Ecclesiastes 3:1

Monk Family said...

My guilty pleasure is the Bachelorette too!!! My husband teases me relentlessly but I can't help it-it's addicting!

lori said...

Oh, those mom blog conversations are a lot of fun. Now, I usually know when I'm going to generate some buzz, and I have to decide if I'm up for it, lol. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.