Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I eat my words. With Sweet & Salty Chex Mix.

*Post inspired by the TRDC RemembeRED prompt, "It's a fill-in-the-blank-for-your-own-prompt Prompt:  The first time I ________-ed after _________-ing."

The first time I drove my minivan....after swearing I would never own one.

And I mean swore. It actually made me a little queasy to see a young mom hauling around her kiddos in a minivan. It reminded me of my mom (nothing against Mom). It reminded me of the times in high school I got made fun of for driving hers. So I said that no matter how many kids I had, I would never drive one. I'd get an SUV first, no matter the higher cost.

Well, the cost is higher. And I didn't have kids then, who cost an arm and a leg to raise. Literally, I payed for diapers in legs last time.

Okay, maybe not literally.

And when baby number three was on his way and we finally accepted the harsh reality that three car seats just would not fit in our tiny, gas-efficient Saturn, we put our logic goggles on and I realized it was that time. That time to fit into the soccer mom stereotype (even though my kids don't play soccer). It was unavoidable now, especially if we didn't want to pay a fortune for the extra gas and insurance that would come with an SUV.

And after hours of research, test drives, annoying, pushy spawns of Satan car salesmen, we finally found her.

I say her because she truly is a part of our family.

Four hours, fourteen signatures, and two new sets of keys later, I pulled her off of that lot, blasting her beautiful, refreshing "Max AC" in the armpit we call Phoenix and something flipped inside me. The rear AC for the kiddos, the smooth ride, the horse power (hey, it was like a Viper after the put-put Saturn we had), the satellite radio, the little mirror that lets me see all my kiddos and what they're doing, all the extra space, the comfortable seats, the leg room, the middle console I could conveniently keep my Sweet & Salty Chex Mix on...

I was a believer.

And I realized I had never enjoyed driving any of my previous vehicles more than her.

And that was when that shiny, maroon 2009 Kia Sedona became my baby.

(Okay, not really my baby. More like an adopted pet or something.)

And I am proud to say I am a minivan mom.


~Becky~ said...

I think I'm a lot like you, I told myself I will NEVER EVER drive a minivan. Ever.

I'm only planning on two children, so I think I can get away with that quite easily.

I'm glad you like yours and it fits you so well. :)

Jackie said...

I wrote a similar post in December when we got our living room on wheels.
SUVs are way too pricey and the Sedona's been a dream for me, a sentence I never thought I'd utter.

lori said...

This is great. It almost makes me want a minivan...maybe one day. Right now, we all still fit in our little Hyundai, but long legs are only growing longer, lol. Loved this :)

Jen said...

I love it, Jennie!! You should be proud to say you're a "minivan mom". I keep trying to convince my husband to get one, but unfortunately he thinks how you once thought. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

So creative! I love it. And I'm proud of you for rocking the car you need and want.

The post was very witty--I smiled through it. Well done.

Galit Breen said...

My name is Galit, and I love my minivan.

It's true- i do. We never had one growing up and it felt s everything mom when my husband and I finally gout ours!

I like your abby, err- your adorable new pet. :)

This was such a great read- fun, easy, lighthearted, and still revealing. Love it!

EllieF said...

Logic goggles. :) You convinced me. I want a minivan. I don't need one now, but maybe I can come up with some excuse.