Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordful Wednesday: Davenport Zoo

*Linked to Angie and Amanda's Wordful Wednesday.

This is another VERY wordful Wednesday. I have a lot going on, and a lot of pictures. So sue me. First up is our trip to the Phoenix Zoo we took two weekends ago while Dave's sister, Jenni, was staying with us. Unfortunately, she isn't in any of these pictures. 

More pictures--that include her--will be in next week's Wordful Wednesday post (due to the fact that they are on my other computer)!

It was a fun day, but extremely hot and sweaty. Extremely. Not only were the animals all hiding, but my kids were agitated, too. Even Sam, who started out excited, just wanted to get out of there by the end. That is, until we got to the water park.

I wish I got more pictures of Sam in the water park, but I was too busy sitting in a pool of my sweat nursing the baby.

I don't know who this kid came from, but Josh absolutely HATES water. He was roasting hot, yet still screamed bloody murder when we made him get wet.

The next event I will limit to one picture. Sam had his T-Ball closing ceremonies about two weeks ago, and he was pretty proud of his trophy. And I'm pretty proud of the unknown butt in the background my mad photographer skills.

Random Cuteness...

Watching Team Umizoomie--my best friend when I need to get something done. And don't even ask what Josh was doing, because I don't know.

Lastly, I had to capture this beautiful enigma growing in our crab grass lawn.


hilljean said...

Cute boys! I love their little camo shorts!

Jen said...

We love Team Umizoomie too, some days I can not get those songs out of my head!
Great pictures :)

Happy Hummingbird said...

This looks like too much fun! Cannot wait until I have children so I am able to do this!

Jessica said...

hahaha Im laughing so hard right now. I love your kids!! They are fantastic!!! Luke is SO big now!! I hope I get to see him soon

Jessica said...

meaning you guys... haha not just him:)