Monday, June 20, 2011

Rockin' The Baby Bumps

*Post linked to Shell's "Rockin' the Bump" post at Things I Can't Say.

I was always the pregnant one who would get told things like, "It looks like you swallowed a basketball!" or "Man, you're huge!" or "You're about to pop!" and my favorite (especially on my third)...

"Are you SURE you're not having twins?!"

This was especially uplifting when I'd get this comment in my second trimester.

And just like how all my labors were completely different with each child, I carried them all differently, too. But mostly, having practically no torso, the only way the baby had to go was straight out.

Here's me in labor with Sam, my first. This was right before we left for the hospital.

Here's me at about six months with my second, Josh. I know, I was huge for six months. And no, I don't have any other pictures of me later in the pregnancy. I wasn't as keen on taking baby bump pictures with my second and third.

And this is at about 8 months with my third, Luke. I wish it was a little more sideways so you could see just how much I actually stuck out, but I was huge. I promise.

And just so that everyone knows, you do get bigger quicker with each pregnancy. Just an example, this is me at 8 weeks with my third...YES, EIGHT WEEKS!

Did I mention how much I loved the twin comments?


Shell said...

You were so cute!

And I think that we start showing so much earlier with each baby!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing that you were showing at 8 weeks. I'm on my second, I haven't shown that early yet. But, maybe if I had a third I would, but I won't. This is it for us!

Erin said...

You are so tiny in all of these pics, I can't believe someone would ask if you were having twins?!?! I did look like I was having twins (because I was) the first time around, and this time? I am sadly not far behind. Oy!!

Jen said...

Jennie, you are so darn cute!! Seriously!! I got the twin comment ALL THE TIME! And yes, by my 3rd baby, I was in maternity clothes by 8 weeks! So glad you linked up!!

Jill said...

Girl, you were tiny!!

lori said...

Oh, but look how adorable you are! I only wish the only thing that grew on me during pregnancy was my belly, lol. So cute you are :)