Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordful Wednesday: A Day In the Life

Being a mom, you find all sorts of surprises as you go throughout the house each day. This was my most recent. When gathering dirty clothes that had been stuffed and thrown into every crevice of their bedroom, I came across this. And instead of swift punishment, I grabbed the camera. Oh, four-year-olds.

Sam marking he and Josh's territory...twice

And then came the laundry...

Wednesday has been designated "laundry day." One of many.
He may be smiling, but don't let this expression fool you. He has been a rotten handful the past few days, for reasons I can't determine. As it usually goes with babies.

Luke cuddling Elmo

Picking your nose and crying at the same time takes talent.

Josh after a nap
Sam's idea of a silly face

Kittens, kittens everywhere.

Their favorite place to sleep/hide/play is between then fridge and cupboards...
And in Luke's carseat.

R.I.P. Gray Kitten. It breaks my heart whenever I see your picture.

And then there were four.
*Linked to Angie and Amanda's "Wordful Wednesday."


~Beck~ said...

What cute kittens!! I wish I could have a kitty again, I totally would. They are so cute at that age. It looks as if your boys are a handful!!

Jen said...

The names on the wall is very common at our house...the Magic Eraser is my best friend! Such cute kitties. Hope your Luke gets less "rotten" soon!